You love your cat. They’ve been a part of your life for a long time and you’ve shared many a special moment with them.

A wonderful portrait taking pride of place on your wall will help you remember them forever.

When I was a child my cat Toffee was my best friend. He had a good long life, but because digital photography wasn’t mainstream back then, all I have to remember him by is a battered old out-0f-focus photo from an instant camera.

My cat photography service offers you an opportunity to immortalise your cat in a way that wasn’t available to me.

As well as benefiting from clear, sharp, professional images that aren’t easily achievable on a camera phone, you can also receive vibrant, colourful images printed on fine art paper using archival inks.

Or said in plain English – you’ll receive high quality printed products that will last for well over one hundred years.

I’ve been a cat lover all of my life, and I understand that cats are most comfortable in their own environment. For this reason, I come to you – into your their house, garden, or other territory, and capture authentic, candid photos.

Making the best images

Gorgeous portraits of your furry family members in their natural habitat.

Making the best images involves keeping your cat comfortable and happy during the shoot.

You know your furry friend better than I do – so I’ll work with you to make the shoot as much fun for them as possible!

We’ll shoot in their favourite locations, at a time of day when they’re most energetic, and we will go wherever they want to go, and do whatever they want to do!

Though of course we might influence them with a little food…